We have specialised in the disciplines below, with an emphasis on mobile concepts. Our years of experience in designing and manufacturing and trailers gave us the edge on becoming successful in the disciplines below.

Firefighting technology

Fully independent design and development of mobile equipment for large-scale industrial firefighting is a discipline in which MBL-Holland feels at home. We develop mobile equipment such as Large monitor vehicles. SIV’s, monitortrailers, hose recovery systems for 4-12”hoses and hose deployment units.

Industrial vacuum and filtration equipment

As a manufacturer of industrial vacuum and filtration equipment, MBL-Holland is committed to reducing environmental impact across the entire bandwith of this type of activities. We porvide our clients with durable, dependable and effictive suction opiwer and filtration capacity. This results in real time filtration of effluent of activities such as hydrojetblasting (UHP) and tankGeneralcleaning.

General steel construction and maintenance

Pragmatic and innovative solving challenges is in our DNA. Crushing a problem and preferably solving it quickly with available (purchase) parts is how we operate.