Industrial vacuum and filtration equipment

MBL-Holland, as a manufacturer of industrial vacuum and filtration equipment, is committed to reducing environmental impact across the entire scope of this type of work. Besides electrifying drive units, MBL-Holland is also concerned with reducing filtration time in filtration processes. Industrial cleaning companies (e.g. high-pressure blasting and cleaning) are familiar with the environmental burden and logistical challenges arising from these activities. The different types of equipment required to carry out a particular project properly often pose a challenge. Having all-in-one filtration equipment, which meets intermodal dimensions, is a true asset that proves its added value throughout a project. Real-time processing and filtration of effluent from your cleaning activities is where MBL-Holland makes a difference by reducing the total precessingtime of your projects. Besides filtration equipment, MBL-Holland also realises compact industrial vacuum units that can deliver full vacuum. Here too MBL-Holland has succeeded in developing high-quality products with minimal footprint in the chain of logistics and environmental impact.

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